Weekend in Massachusetts

Up early (for us) for a hike through the woods around Walden Pond in Concord, MA.  I was really excited to be there!  It was cold but beautiful. We also bought a book about Thoreau and Walden and read it together.

 Site of Thoreau's cabin

 Hanging with Henry David

 Thoreau cabin replica

 "I served my apprenticeship and have since done considerable journeywork in the huckleberry field.  Though I never paid for my schooling and clothing in that way, it was some of the best schooling I got, and paid for itself."  ~  Henry David Thoreau
 After our hike, huckleberry jam on toast

After leaving Walden, we drove on to Salem, Massachusetts to tour the Salem Witch Museum (no photos while inside) and learn about the history of the witch trials.

Finally, we drove on to the coast to see the Atlantic and maybe stick our toes in the cold water.

At first it was cold, 
as we were walking back to the RV it became painful!

caught raiding the dog food

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