Slow, Grey Day

We traveled with Matt to Middle-of-Nowhere, PA; but our RV is in the shop for repair work on the heater/hot water pilot, so we're in a hotel.  Had hoped to catch up on reading The Hobbit with the kids since we have the dog and cat at the hotel with us and can't really go out to do much.  The movie release is later this week, and we wanted to finish the book by then.  Maya was up late last night and ended up sleeping in really late today, so we we haven't gotten to read as much as we had hoped. It is cold and gray and rainy; one of those days where you can't seem to really wake up and can't get warm, even indoors.

I played Set online this morning while the boys cuddled with the dog, played with the cat, read/played online, and ate breakfast.

The three of us entertained ourselves while Maya slept:
  • Read about the history and traditions of various winter solstice holidays
  • Did a couple of logic exercises/brain teasers from Khan Academy
  • Watched an episode of Destinos Introductory Spanish
  • Wrote Christmas Cards to send to a little boy who is trying to break the Guinness World Record for receiving the most Christmas cards
  • Wrote & solved math problems for each other
After Maya woke up, we read The Hobbit for a bit, then paused for lunch, warm showers (did I mention we cannot get warm today?!), and hot coffee (for me).  Everyone did their own things -- guitar or Minecraft -- for a while, but they're ready to read again. 

 Sss, sss, so long for now, my precious.

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