Allentown and Bethlehem, PA

Happy to be traveling in our RV again.  Feels like coming home!  Most campgrounds in the area were closed, so we boonedocked in a parking lot again.  This time, though, we were low on running water as many places in the area had their water supply turned off for the winter.  We ended up having to drive about 40 miles to a campground and pay $40 for water and to dump tanks (this usually costs about $5).  Also, while we were out eating one evening, Matt's rental car for work was hit by a tractor trailer and destroyed.  On the plus side, because needed to drive him to work and pick him up, we looked for and found a really nice park to stay at during the day just around the block from where he was working. It was cold, but the kids enjoyed the playground anyway, Pablo enjoyed the space to run offleash, and I even got to go running.

 Razz adjusted quickly to riding in the RV

Using a sleeping Seth as a perch

 Just enough space inside for a yoga mat!

Our temporary "backyard" 

We went to nearby Bethlehem, PA where Matt and Riley went to the skatepark and then we all overindulged at the amazing Vegan Treats Bakery.

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