Day 9: Utah, Arches National Park, and Desert Camping

 The Mystery Machine at a Gas Station on the way to Arches park

 Sampling Some Sasparilla Soda

Arches National Park:  We spent today hiking and climbing through and around and on huge, beautiful natural rock formations.

Petrified sand dunes

 Matt next to Balanced Rock

 Maya balancing rocks

Seth playing Transformers
He didn't get too interested until there was climbing involved.

 Now it's interesting!


 How arches are formed.

 the hills have eyes

Our favorite place ended up being an area called the dunes (or the sand dunes -- I can't remember which).  We read that it was kid friendly, and it really was.  It was shady and cool and filled with the softest sand and lots of great climbing spots.

 making sand angels

After Arches, we were off to find a camp site for the night. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) maintains a lot of free camping areas on the back roads in areas like this.  They are rough sites with just a flattened out space and a fire ring -- no electric or water or anything like that.  Matt found an area on a website, and we were able to find a site with a view of both Arches park and the La Sal Mountains.  It ended up being my favorite place we've ever camped...ever.  We watched the sunset reflected on the mountains and the arches.  Pablo ran free.  We had enough time between sunset and the bright moonrise for the sky to turn really dark, allowing us to see more stars than we had ever seen before.  It was incredible.  Finally, we watched the moon rise.  It was so fast.  It went from just a sliver of light over the mountains to fully above the mountains in just a minute or two.

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