Day 7: More Colorado

We woke up after dry camping at the Arvada Skatepark.  Matt and Riley skated early while the park was fairly empty, though several people had spent the night on the ramps in the park and were skating already.

 The view from my Yoga spot behind Arvada Skatepark.  
Rocky Mountains and the setting "blue moon."

From there we started traveling West to meet up with an old friend from Lexington, KY.  We stopped along the way at Lookout Mountain Nature Preserve.

 Ponderosa Pines

After that we drove on until we saw a viewing at Georgetown Lake where we stopped to try to spot a herd of Bighorn Sheep.

 No luck spotting any of the herd except for this stray one

 It quickly turned cold and windy and drizzly.
 The weather changed back and forth so much and so quickly all through our time in Colorado.

We drove through the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel on I-70 -- the highest elevation we experienced at over 11,000 feet.

In  Frisco, CO we met up with an old friend from Lexington and his wife.  They both work for the Department of Forestry and are so knowledgeable about the ecology of the area. We had a great time with them and learned so much from both of them.

First stop:  Frisco Adventure Park for the BMX jumps and the skatepark.


In a place where snow comes early, Oktoberfest happens on Labor Day Weekend

On to our camping spot for the night:

 View from the RV front windows

Minturn, CO

Learning about the horses that help with the Dept of Forestry
 (and petting them and helping feed them!)

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