Day 6: Colorado

We arrived in Colorado this morning.  I really loved the landscape through Kansas and eastern Colorado.  It felt like we could see forever:  yellow grass prairie; light, sand-colored dirt (I think that is what looked like snow last night); and wide blue sky in every direction.  This is the first time I've been anywhere without trees, and it looks so strange to me.

At the Colorado Welcome Center.
The staff there gave the kids versions of the Colorado map with lots of information about the landscape, wildlife, and other interesting facts about the state.

 Blue sky and yellow prairie

Seth at an "old town" display in CO

First glimpse of the Rocky Mountains as we approached Denver.

 Arvada, CO Skatepark with the mountains in the background.
We're hoping to camp here for the night (if we don't get kicked out)

 Riley at the Arvada Skatepark

 Maya took over the bedroom to work on a story she is writing

Arvada, Co

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