Day 10: Breakdown

Started our day with sunrise yoga in the desert, kids wrestling and having a good time in the rv, and a short drive to Moab for breakfast at the vegan-friendly Love Muffin Cafe.  The kids were able to get vegan waffles and Matt and I had tofu/veggie scramble burritos that were so good.

 morning meditation view

We were planning to drive on to Salt Lake City and spend the evening there.  On our way, we smelled antifreeze.  We had just long enough to say that we hoped that the smell wasn't coming from the RV when the steam started pouring from the front.  

Breaking down in the RV was not so bad.  Well, not bad other than draining our time and money.  We had a good supply of water, shade from the awning, and plenty of things to do.  We broke down at about 11 a.m. and were back on the road around 3 pm. 
Setting up with chairs, shade, and water

 Matt making calls to Good Sam Club.  Kids reading.

 Thumb wrestling and venomous animal quizzes

 Putting together a collage of desert things for a solar paper print

Plenty of sunshine!

After about four hours, we were all fixed up and traveling again.

We spent the rest of the day driving to Salt Lake City.  We arrived just as it was getting dark.  Matt and Riley skated at the skatepark.  I made chili.  Then we boondocked in a parking lot for the night and got caught up on the new season of Doctor Who.

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