New York City Drive Through

July 2012
On our way home from the northeast, we drove through NYC.  Didn't get to stay and visit, just did a little sightseeing from the road while listening to Beastie Boys:

"Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten
From the Battery to the top of Manhattan
Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin
Black, White...New York, you make it happen"

 The Bronx

George Washington Bridge

Shortly after these pictures were taken, I took a turn driving while Matt was on some work phone calls.  Driving the RV and tow car along the Jersey Turnpike was the worst driving experience I've ever had.  Scarier even than the first time I drove the RV. We came out of a toll booth into the biggest cluster of cars I've ever seen, all needing to funnel down into two lanes, and all criss-crossing back and forth, and squeezing in front of and right up against me.  We sat, rolled forward a bit, and sat some more, not even sure which areas might eventually become the actual lanes.  Finally I managed to maneuver into a space that was actually becoming a lane of traffic.  

Traffic was really heavy, it was grey and foggy and pouring rain, lots of lanes to cross back and forth over, and there was lots of construction leaving tiny lanes to maneuver through.

After that, came the signs for either the Lincoln or Holland tunnel.  I was so flustered by then that I can't even remember which now.  I just knew I did not want to drive the RV & tow car through one of them.  We had driven through the Holland Tunnel before, and I'm not much of a fan of being trapped under water like that, and especially squeezing the RV through those tiny tunnel lanes. That was the closest to panic I've ever been while driving: all shallow breathing, cold sweating, vision tunneling.  As it turned out, we weren't going to be going through the tunnel on our route.  I would have realized that if I wasn't in such a panic about it, but...  

Anyway, I was quite thankful that I remembered to breathe deeply in between cussing loudly, that Riley moved up front to joke around and lighten the mood, and that Matt had left a pack of uneaten Twizzlers near the drivers seat.  Calming, calming, calming.

We had one day at home after that trip, then headed off for another stay in Memphis, and  I was very much looking forward to the sunny south and wide open highways!

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