Day 3: Lawrence Y'all

This is a nice little town.  We're getting anxious to get on with the trip, though, and ready to have Matt home with us through the days.  Hoping to leave for Denver on Thursday as soon as Matt gets off work.  I'm not sure how we'll manage all the dry camping we're planning to do.  We're working on conserving water but still manage to fill the grey water tanks daily.  Should be interesting!  We don't seem to have forgotten too many things at home, which is amazing since we didn't do much more than the vaguest of planning or make packing lists.  I forgot the ice trays (again!) but did remember the wine glasses this time.  Priorities!  :)

At the campground:

Children of the Corn
at the entrance to the campground corn maze

They decided to call this lone tree in a big circle at the end of the corn maze the "tree of life" since it was sort of a beacon and relief after a long time wandering lost in the heat, bugs, and itchy green things.

Downtown Lawrence:

 Matt can learn some skate tricks now!

Walking through downtown Lawrence.  
Massachusetts Street is lined with all sorts of shops and restaurants.

 I mustache you  for some new sunglasses.

Some of the smaller shops were closed early, and we only got to look in the windows.  These are two of the places we want to get back to when they're open.

Are you my Mummy?

This place. An Anglophile's dream store!

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