July, 2012

We stayed outside of Boston at C G Circle Farms campground, where they had the best frog pond so far.  The kids spent hours there.  Seth tried and tested lots of strategies for catching frogs.  He went from missing every try to catching one on almost every try by the end of our stay there.

We took the trains into Boston. I say trainS because we learned that there are two separate train systems with two separate tickets to buy -- one to get into Boston from the suburbs and another to navigate within downtown.  The staff at the train station were super helpful, and so were random people on the streets who saw us looking confused and helped us navigate to get where we wanted to go.

 Soaked from playing in the "Frog Pond" community splash fountain at Boston Common


 Boston Public Gardens

 General George Washington statue with city of Boston in the background

 Maya with my sister, who traveled with us to revisit Boston, where she spent a year or so during college years.

On our way out of Massachusettes for Matt to work in Connecticut, we detoured to Plymouth, MA to check out Plymouth Rock at Pilgrim Memorial State Park.
 Pilgrim State Park

 Mayflower II

Quite possibly the muddiest, grossest beach we've ever set foot on.  
But I did manage to slup through the mud to the water to dunk my toes in Plymouth Bay.

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