Day 2: Missouri

Today was a driving day through Missouri toward Kansas City.

We woke up in a parking lot somewhere about an hour east of St. Louis.  Boonedocking (a.k.a. dry camping: parking your RV somewhere without any water/electric/sewage hookups) in a parking lot probably seems weird.  It did to us too, at first; but after the first overnight stop we were hooked.  When we traveled by car and stayed in hotels, a late night of driving ended with two tired, grumpy adults waking up 3 sleeping  kids and one restless dog to drag them, sometimes through nasty weather, into a brightly lit hotel.  Not a big deal, but usually not the most pleasant part of any trip.  Now, we drive until we're sleepy, find a stopping place just off the interstate, park, close the curtains, go to bed.  We wake up the next morning and are on our way.  It has ended up being one of our favorite changes about the actual traveling part of our trips!

Another thing everyone enjoys is the space to spread out and do things while traveling.  At one of our stops, I snapped some pictures of what the kids had been up to while on the road.

 Seth with some Legos he built today

 Maya is working on a Minecraft comic book series

 Riley putting together a new skateboard

Driving through Missouri:
The Gateway Arch and the Mississippi River

Much of our drive through Missouri follows along the Lewis and Clark Trail.  We split off in Kansas, going west while Lewis and Clark and crew went more northwest.  Maybe next year...

Matt found this great natural veggie food restaurant in Columbia, MO called Main Squeeze. He even managed to find a parking space on the street that he was able to pull the RV into!

We finally arrived in Lawrence, Kansas where we're camping for a few days while Matt works here.  Driving the RV without the tow car was great:  so much easier to maneuver into and out of places.  We did manage to lose the gas cap at a gas station along the way, but that's easy to replace. The campground here is a typical Jellystone site except very close to a busy train track that apparently intersects with traffic nearby -- lots of train horn going on!  Looking forward to lots of swimming at the campground this week and checking out the town.

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