Day 17: Glen Canyon Dam, Utah, and Grand Canyon, Arizona

 Sunrise at Lake Powell in Glen Canyon, Utah

 Serene solitude

Glen Canyon Dam

 On the way to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon 
 Grand Canyon and Colorado River

It was cold and rainy, and the bike trails were closed, so we went to one of the visitors' centers to decide what we wanted to do next.  

We decided to walk about a mile along the rim to another indoor location where a ranger would be giving a talk about the canyon, how it formed over time, etc.

 It was so foggy, that this was our view as we walked along the rim.  
The kids decided the Grand Canyon was really just a conspiracy 
and that someone had accidentally unplugged the projector.

 Ranger Talk

 Layers of the canyon

 Fog clearing
Or projector coming back on.  ;)

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