Day 16: Lake Powell, Utah

Oh, when I fall off the blogging wagon, I fall waaaay off the blogging wagon.  I am home this week between trips, and my goal is to catch this blog up, at least through the end of our cross-country trip. It will be a nice distraction, too,  from election week insanity.  I would love to be back in the desert right now!

So, these pictures are from Day 16 of our trip, September 10.  We drove through Nevada, saw a brief glimpse of Arizona, and then were back in Utah for our Dr. Who inspired visit to Lake Powell, the filming location for the Lake Silencio scenes in the episode The Impossible Astronaut that Seth and I wanted to recreate.






 Our campsite for the night!!!  
So awesome!!!

Matt and Seth and I walked the beach to find the location where the Dr Who scenes were filmed, which turned out to be the very end of the beach.  Not sure how far it was -- it seemed like a long way because the wind was blowing hard and we could barely see for all the sand in our eyes!

 Shooting the Doctor

Returning to the bottom of the lake

When we returned to our site, we found a Dalek waiting for us
Dalek Maya

 Seth enjoying the beach

 Pablo deciding to go for a swim

 My very cold tolerant family deciding to join him

Just before I became a victim of the wet doggie shake

This was another favorite night of camping.  The dark canyon area far from any light pollution along with the wide open sky made for amazing star gazing

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