Day 15: Venice Beach

Venice Beach was much warmer and sunnier.  We found street parking, then hopped on our bikes to head for the beach.  Matt and Riley skated at Venice Beach skatepark, while Maya, Seth, and I headed down to the ocean.  Maya was pining for more surf time, so eventually she and Matt went to rent surfboards.

After the  beach, we biked through town in search of food.  I was so glad we had our bikes.  It is one thing to drive through a place, but we got to see so much more whenever we were out on our bikes.

After leaving Venice, we drove to Hollywood to see the sign and then decided to walk around and look at the stars on the sidewalk and things like that.  None of us were really feeling it, though.  Maybe we were just tired or overwhelmed by other things we had seen so far.   It seemed run down and dirty and just not all that impressive.  

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