Cosplay: ongoing project

In November, we attended Stan Lee's Comikaze in Los Angeles.  Elliot and Seth spent the weeks leading up to that making their first cosplay costumes, roleplaying characters from the web comic Homestuck.  None of us sew well, but we managed to work together to make a long, blue hood using instructions that El found online. El, Seth, and a friend worked together painting shirts and pants, dyeing other shirts, shopping for accessories, and sculpting and painting clay troll horns.

Elliot in hand painted costume shirt sewing a long blue hood

 Seth dying a shirt and tights while reading a little Double Bubble in a Macbeth for Kids book

Seth, El, and their friend, Wade fake sleeping, taking a break from costume accessory shopping

El and Seth in finished costumes

Homestuck gathering at Comikaze

After spending the holidays at home in Kentucky, we were ready to get on the road to make another cross-country trip from Kentucky to Southern California.  We were on a fairly tight travel schedule this time, staying in KY long enough for Riley to go to a concert and getting to CA in time for Anime Los Angeles for Elliot and Seth to cosplay.

Homestuck (webcomic) Cosplay at Anime Los Angeles 2014
 Elliot (far right)

Seth, always getting the hugs

a gathering of homestucks

El and Seth really enjoy making costumes, roleplaying and meeting other cosplayers.  Since the ALA conference, they have gone to a couple of casual meetups in Little Tokyo and experienced a bit of Japanese art, food, and culture at the market, bookstore, and shops in the area.  I bought a book to learn some basic katakana writing, and we have bought a variety of snacks and candies to try. 

 Cosplay Meetup in Little Tokyo

 Shops in Little Tokyo

The Ellison S. Onizuka Space Shuttle Challenger monument is in the area near the cosplay meetups as well.  Last weekend there was a wreath of flowers and some candles as it was near the anniversary of the Challenger explosion.

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