Welcome to our new blog!  I've previously blogged at Unschooling Snapshots, which served as a photo journal of our family's earlier unschooling years.  I haven't blogged there much recently so I thought I would start fresh here with a focus on the latest twist in our lives:  RV travel.  I have dreamed of traveling full-time in an RV for several years.  We started traveling more when my husband got a home-based job with his company that involved weekday travel about 3 weeks a month.  Since we unschool anyway, the kids and I often tagged along on his trips, taking interesting side trips near where he was working.  We traveled by mini-van, staying in hotels, to Washington DC; New York City;  Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Hershey, PA; Memphis; Dallas; Chicago; Kansas City; Baltimore; and many other places.  Finally, in May of this year, we were able to purchase our RV:  a Class A 1993 Winnebago Brave. We still have our sticks-and-bricks house, but more and more the RV is becoming home.

Our very own T.A.R.D.I.S.  We call him Harvey the RV. 

with Love,

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